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About us

Skala PVC kenar bandı renk seçenekleri

Why Skala PVC Edge Bands?

Since the spectrum containing every color and tone that complements the aesthetics is called a color scale (Skala in Turkish), we thought this expression suited us. Welcome to Skala PVC, which stands out with well-priced and quality products.

Increasing its edgebanding sales since 2015, Skala PVC has been serving a growing customer base. With two branches close to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, we meet all demands for PVC edge band, furniture edge band, MDF edge band. We also welcome customers requests for glue, mounting material and furniture accessory products.

We approach all demands, whether wholesale or retail, with the same earnestness and care. Our customers include large suppliers who serve dozens of customers and small tradesmen alike. They find the cost and quality they are looking for in Skala PVC.

While Skala PVC operates as a family company, it has acquired a more corporate structure as of 2020 and started overseas exports. Contact us now to meet, collaborate or just order order.


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